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Tuesday, 31 August 2010 13:37

Victims today

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Continuing Victims Continuing Victims ©silverbullet films

There are so many stories in Bosnia today. We couldn't capture them all, though we did go a long way towards taking a snapshot of the current situation. It would seem that so many people continue to be victims today. Unable to make changes due to financial, medical and social issues that they face.

Village of the forgotten widows is a documentary that will act as a symbol for these men and women still suffering today.

We will be updating the site with journal entries of our experiences and try to share as much information with everyone, so perhaps people can look into new ways of directly helping the people of Bosnia today.


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Silverbullet Films was established in 2004. The company continues to grow and create a variety of film and television programming.

Village of the forgotten Widows was a wonderful experience for the entire Silverbullet team and has allowed them all to move further into the dynamic world of documentary film making

Website: www.silverbulletfilms.com

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